#PicturePromptChallenge by Aurora

I am proud to have been invited to participate in Deb’s “What Do You See?” Challenge with a group of amazing writers who take my breath away daily with their talent.

Words across the Oceans



The abandoned theater beckoned her. Marquee lights, half broken, seemed to spell her name, a beacon in the gloomy shadows of the side street. Noticing the door ajar, she slipped inside, unnoticed, to explore.

At first glance it appeared as any other theater, shadows moving with the ghosts of past performances. Climbing the steps to the front of the stage, she parted the curtain and gasped at the beauty of the set before her. A forest, lit by a moon so bright it appeared pulled from the sky itself and a distant cottage, its windows glowing in welcome.

She stepped forward, hand outstretched, to touch the painted beauty before her, but found only air. As the curtain fell closed behind, the forest mirage enveloped her. The smell of crisp outdoor air, the sound of fallen leaves rustling in a cool breeze, warred with reason as…

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Red Lipstick

She closes the door behind her

and begins to shed her layers

till she is clothed only

in her red lipstick.

Eyes on her prey,

she stalks across the darkness,

holding him captive with her gaze.

Her fingers trail lightly over his skin,


followed by small, tasting flicks

of her tongue.

But her red lips she saves

for her prize,

dropping to her knees she consumes him.

When she has had her fill,

she exits as she came,

never saying a word.

Leaving behind only

her red lipstick.


Incredibly pleased to share my first collaborative poetry effort, after being challenged by the fantastic Mark Davis.

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Aurora 

I shivered alone
Bereft of warmth
Consigned to loneliness

The heat of your gaze
Rekindled the fire within
I found sanctuary
Enveloped by your arms
Within your heart
I found my shelter

Your body became my blanket
Surrounding my skin with your heat
Beneath you,
I am exposed,
But no longer vulnerable

(c) aurora 2014
You can also find the Auroras other poetic work at 



Poetic Interpretation of Picture and Title by Mark Davis

By Mark Davis

Open air

The cold wind prevails
Under the blanket
Watch passing sails
Eyes drift away
From the ocean view
Lips close together
Focus on you
Wrapped up together
Fall into a kiss
Winter sun warming
Love days like this
Flat on the deck
No eyes can pry
Safe from the gaze
Of the passerby
“Cover me”
Softly she sighs
I do as I’m bade
Look in her…

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